MM Interviews: Windy City Wardrobe

World, meet Dasha, founder of the amazing Windy City Wardrobe.  Windy City Wardrobe is one of THE TOP blogs in Chicago- when Dasha agreed to chat I was basically weeping. Dasha's style is completely her own.  If you check out her blog you'll notice she always changes it up. Dasha is basically the Solange Knowles of Chicago #StyleGoals. Peep her advice about being a style blogger, and who inspires her to be a star. 

Tell us, who is Windy City Wardrobe

Windy City Wardrobe is a lifestyle blog (emphasis on style) with a focus on community over competition. I try to accomplish this by frequently collaborating with other Chicagoan's and creatives throughout the Midwest. Windy City Wardrobe is the place you go when you want to look and feel your best without blowing your budget. 

Where is Windy City Wardrobe based? 

Hyde Park, Chicago. 

You wake up 5 minutes before you need to leave the house. Whatโ€™s the first thing you grab?

I am BIG on planning so if I wake up 5 minutes before I need to leave the house I must be sick. In that case I'll grab my phone, make calls and send emails to postpone my plans for the day. 

When did you start your site? 

September 2014. 

What/Who motivated you to share your epic style with the world? 

Epic Style? Aww...You're so sweet! This may sound weird but, Chik-Fil-A and Starbucks employees motivated me to start a style blog. I could never get anyone to focus on taking my order because they wanted to know if my bag was custom made, or who does my hair, etc. This was really becoming an issue because I am a BUT FIRST COFFEE kind of girl. I decided I needed a business card, but I didn't have a business. So I googled and compared platforms, then created a blog on Wordpress and business cards on Etsy.

Whatโ€™s the hardest thing about being a prominent Chicago style blogger? 

I often forget that people will recognize me so it really catches me off guard. Everything else that comes along with it feels very natural and comfortable.

Which celebrity is your style icon? 

It's a tie between Sarah Jane Adams and Solange Knowles. I've never seen anyone embrace the concept of personal style like these two ladies. They both break every fashion rule in the book in such a dynamic way that it has become their branding whether intentional or not.

One of your readers runs up to you in public and tells you theyโ€™re in love with you. How do you react? 

Whoa! I've had people recognize me but no love confessions. I think I'd be shocked initially but then say it back because I love each one of my readers. 

What is your most used emoji?


If you had to give a piece of advice to someone thinking of starting their own blog, what would it be?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I enjoy researching, reading, and writing?

2. Do I enjoy collaborating with like minded and also those with different views? 

If the answer is yes, then I'd say go for it! And remember Google is your BFF.


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