MM Interviews: Chi-Town's Child

Since I picked up the Fujifilm X-T10 I've been wanting to dabble more into portrait work.  My friends hit me up because they needed a roommate picture, but knowing us we had to take it to another level. I wanted to get a shot that highlights how united they are as friends, while also honoring their individual traits. After a couple of takes it only made sense to recreate the iconic Destiny's Child: Destiny Fulfilled album cover. My apartment was the perfect spot to shoot- the warm wall color compliments all of their skin tones. To me, each of my friends represent a member of Destiny's Child for different reasons. 

Left: Beyonce (Xenecia)- Xenecia is the mother of the group. Every time we are out together she always Caters 2 U. I just hope she names her future child Blue Ivy II. 

Middle: Michelle (EJ)- EJ is like Michelle in that they both have their hands in so many projects; a true visionary. I can definitely see EJ helping to Fix My Choir. 

Right: Kelly (Johnathan)- Johnathan is unapologetically himself. He definitely knows what he wants and isn't afraid to chase it.  I'm still waiting for his Motivation Pt.2 duet with Lil Wayne.  

I'm excited to continue exploring more portrait work. Feel free to make these three your #goals, phone wallpaper, or mixtape cover art.