MM Interviews: Trendy Chickadee

This week I had the chance to catch up with the beautiful and inspiring Molly from Trendy Chickadee. We talked everything from must-have products to favorite GIFs to blogger advice. Peep the interview with this trendy chick below 🐣

Tell us, who is Trendy Chickadee?

Trendy Chickadee is the style maven inside every girl (and guy!) - whether you set trends, follow trends, or just wear what you like! I hope Trendy Chickadee is a place to get inspired, share style tips and even stay up to date on sales.

Where is Trendy Chickadee based?

This is a tough one! The short answer is : Trendy Chickadee is based in Austin, Texas. The long answer is that Trendy Chickadee was born in Chicago, my hometown. And, with my parents living in Manhattan and Florida, so much of the blog is influenced by these places, too!

You only have room in your bag for 1 item. What is it?

Aquaphor! It’s my absolute favorite beauty product and I can’t live without it! I use it for my lips, under eye, cheeks...basically everywhere. It’s magic.


If we were to stalk your blog, what is the date of your first post?

I’d have to go back and check, but it would be sometime in July of 2015!


What/Who motivated you to share your epic style with the world?

The short answer? A break up! When I started Trendy Chickadee, I had just gotten out of a long relationship that had left my self worth at an all time low. I was searching for something to make me feel confident, independent and inspired again. After a few post- brunch “photoshoots” just joking around and taking pictures with my best friend, I started realizing how much I enjoyed styling my outfits and sharing them with people. Then the blog was born! All the love and encouragement I’ve received from my friends in cyberspace means the world, and makes me want to keep creating content they’ll love!

If you could let any celeb do an Instagram takeover on your account, who would it be?

Kate Bosworth! She has always been such a style icon to me, and so much of my style is inspired by her feminie, boho, whimsy aesthetic! And have you seen her line of shoes for Matisse? To-die-for!!


What’s the hardest thing about being a prominent style blogger?

Oh gosh, I definitely wouldn’t say I’m “prominent” (although that’s a future goal of mine), but the hardest thing about blogging in general for me has been to not compare myself or be self critical. I’ve seen hundreds of gorgeous bloggers with amazing style, and at times it can be difficult to not get discouraged or feel like one in a thousand gals all trying to do the same thing!

Your style is very bright and colorful. Where do you get your favorite style pieces?

My favorite thing about style is that you can’t get your entire wardrobe, or even your entire look in one place if you’re being creative with it! I get my clothes from all over, but my go-to’s are Revolve Clothing, INTERMIX and Gilt!


What GIF describes your life?

I have to pick two because I just downloaded PopKey and am currently GIF obsessed! (If you haven't heard of PopKey you need to get it! An entire keyboard of GIFs!)

You’re at a party and someone spills wine on your outfit. How do you fix it?

Coincidentally, this just happened to me! Over Christmas, I was wearing a blush colored silk dress and had an entire glass of red wine spilled on me! Immediately I asked for soda water and went into the bathroom. Just soak the dress in soda water and dry it under the hand dryer. Good as new :) I didn’t even have to take it to the cleaners!


If you had to give a piece of advice to someone thinking of starting their own blog, what would it be?

Quality over quantity! I know that sounds cliche, but I’ve found it’s one of the most important “blogging rules” I follow. It’s so important to create content that you’ve worked hard on, that speaks to your interests and passions, and that is thoughtful. As a blogger, I can sometimes feel pressure to always be posting or always be adding new things to the blog, but I’ve learned to never throw something up online if it’s not my very best. In the end, it’s better to have 100 posts that have high quality images and/or really great writing than 1,000 posts that you didn’t spend much love, energy or time on! 

There are definitely big things in Molly's future. See what Molly is up to on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  

*All images courtesy of Molly's Instagram.