MM Interviews: The Styled Guy

This week I had the opportunity to talk to Alex, founder of The StyledWhen I found Alex on Instagram I knew I had to interview him. Jewelry designer, internet superstar, fashion student, style guru, and YouTuber? #Goals. This kid's resume is longer than my credit card statement. #NotGoals. The story of The Styled is one of note- don't miss meeting this hustler!

Tell us, who is The Styled Guy?

The Styled Guy is sort of a mashup of all the different aspects of fashion that I like and want to showcase to my followers! He started awhile ago when I really did not understand what I wanted to do in fashion or where I wanted to make my mark, today I try my best to represent a brand that I can stand behind! I like to talk about what I am currently making in my shop which is where I make handmade bracelets and various other pieces as well. From keeping my followers up to date on what I am currently loving to pieces that I just bought I really wanted to make a central hub that could house my shop and my fashion so The Styled Guy was born! 

Where is The Styled Guy based?

I am currently based in Rhode Island where I am finishing up my degree actually in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing! After that I would love to move somewhere warmer like California where I never have to deal with the snow and also explore somewhere I have never been. 


What’s a typical day-in-the-life of The Styled Guy?

Aside from working on new pieces and trying to brainstorm different styles and collections, I do work part time while being in school so a typical day for me could be extremely busy! I like to keep as much balance as I can so some days I work during the day and then I can sometimes be up all night filling orders or putting together new bracelets to upload the next morning. I would say that no two days are the same which is something that I like because I can get bored fast.

When did you make your first product for the shop?

Last year I had hit kind of a wall in my life with friends, work, pretty much everything and I got really discouraged about all of it. One day I realized that I honestly never wear bracelets and it got me to thinking that I really did not like what was out there as far as jewelry for men. After a bunch of research and working with different vendors and shops I finally put together a website and had some stock around May last year, I am still under a year old but I love that I learn something new everyday. 

What motivated you to start The Styled Guy

I started this website because I wanted to show people out there that you do not need to be the conventional fashion blogger or wear this type of clothing to be successful! I follow a ton of people on Instagram and across all social media and I know what it feels like to think you are not good enough or you don't dress well enough, and I wanted to put a stop to all of that. Being true to who I am has come through because I get messages almost daily that I inspired someone to wear something or buy something and it makes me feel really good. People need to know that they are good enough and I want to be there for them to show them because some people are not as outspoken as I am!   

Show us where the magic happens. What are your workspace must-haves?

Well I would say that if I did not have this giant desk in my room then I do not know where I would work, I think a solid workspace is key in running with ideas. I am a very hands on person I like to work with my hands and touch pieces and feel what I am working with. I currently work from my room but I have everything that I need right here for me! My top 3 workspace must-haves would be 1. A cup of coffee, because I cant tell you how many cups of coffee I drink during a day to stay confused and to keep me going 2. Music/Netflix, I am the person who needs to be listening to something so my mind doesn't wander and that could be anything from watching Friends on netflix to a playlist and 3. Organization, as you can see in some of the pictures I sometimes work in clutter so I really need to stay organized to keep me focused. 

What’s the hardest part of keeping The Styled Guy going?

The hardest part sometimes can be me actually and that sounds weird but I can get in my own head sometimes that it makes me discouraged. There's a lot of competition out there and it's fierce but I think that inspiring almost because you among peers that all have the same interest. In any aspect of life sometimes things can get overwhelming but I just keep reminding myself that I love what I am doing and there is someone out there in this world that agrees with me! 

Who inspires you and gets your creativity flowing?

This question kind of stumped me because when I think back there is not just one person or thing that keeps me going, if we are being honest my inspiration ranges anywhere from Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City to Kanye West ha! I aspire to be like people who have drive and goals, I am never the type of guy to be content and sometimes that can really hurt me but it keeps my drive going. I have a certain vision my head that I want for my life and its like I appreciate people who also have that drive and work hard and it shows, I am a firm believe if you put in hard work you get rewarded. 

Name five of your favorite things. Ready? Set. Go! 

1. My new Nike camel boots, I am obsessed!

2. Netflix (I highly suggest Jessica Jones and Chelsea Handler's new show) sadly I am a binge watcher

3. Photography, which is why I can be annoying on Instagram

4. Breakfast food

5. Traveling! Which is my 2016 goal to travel more

If you had to give a piece of advice to someone thinking of starting their own shop, what would it be?

There is so much excitement behind owning and operating your own website/shop but one piece of advice I would give you is to never let that go! There have been times where I just hit a wall and did not know what to make or what to do, but you constantly have be learning and promoting your brand its not just a one time deal. Never lose sight of why you started this adventure and always feel excited to work on something new tomorrow! 

Be sure to keep up with Alex's antics on Instagram, Twitter, and at The Styled

*All images courtesy of Alex's Instagram