Today I turn 24. Turning older doesn't mean we necessarily need to start "adulting" more, rather, live our lives more authentically. The road to 24 hasn't been easy (especially moving so far away from home), but I've learned some thangs along the way that may help your journey.

24 Things I've Learned by 24

1. It's okay to be selfish

2. Caring about people doesn't make you weak 

3. Don't live up to societies expectations (esp. masculinity it's v. fragile)

4. Boys can have blue hair and wear flowers if they want to

5. Brussel sprouts are okay, and avocados are actually yummy

6. Do 1 nice thing for a stranger, every day

7. Being an adult doesn't mean you stop being cool

8. Dental insurance is pretty nice

10. People will try to limit your success. Fuck 'em & succeed (@ my high school teacher)


11. Don't be afraid to speak up

12. There is a time and place for everything

13. The people you love may disappoint you - it's not your fault

14. Learn something new everyday

15. A donut a day is optimal 

16. Filing taxes are still a bitch

17. So is Sallie Mae

18. Your thoughts are valid even if you don't post them online


19. Harry Potter will always be cool and everyone who thinks otherwise can choke

20. Mom and Nana are usually right 

21. Keep your friends close

22. And your Starbucks reward points closer

23. Don't be afraid to talk about your achievements

24. Or share your failures

Thanks to all the friends and family that have helped me get to where I am today. I love y'all so much. 

 *Photos taken by Maddie. Follow her for some badass fashion awesomeness. 

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