Setting Intentions for 2018

I cannot believe it's been about 8 months since I've tended to this blog - for many reasons (which we can get into another time). Now that I've enjoyed a much-needed break, I am ready to shift my focus back into this space and redefine it's purpose. I've learned so much about myself since moving to NYC - all that I'll detail in time. 

A couple of weeks ago my homie Glory hosted a vision board party, and although I didn't create an actual board, I wrote down all of my intentions for 2018. Hopefully sharing them with you here will (1) keep me accountable and (2) help you think about setting intentions for this year. 

  • First, I want to focus on my health. Mental health, physical health, and financial health. As I'm growing older (I cannot believe I'm 25), I want to set myself up for longevity and success. 
    • To start, I've found a regular dentist, re-downladed Mint (financial services app), and signed up for a meditation program. My next steps are finding a regular doctor and joining a gym. I used to be so good about going to the gym (I lost 40lbs in college), but I fell off. Here's to getting back on track in 2018. 
  • Second, in 2018 I want to be more intentional about the relationships I have in my life. I will be more dedicated to my friends and family, and potentially explore pursuing a romantic relationship (yeah, tbd on that one).  
  • Last, I want to put more good energy into the world. 
    • I want to get back to volunteering, getting involved in my community, and supporting minority-owned businesses. Currently I am searching for non-profit organizations to invest in, particularly ones that focus on youth programming within marginalized communities. If you have a recommendation in the NYC area, please send it my way.  

What're you looking to achieve this year? If I can help you reach your goals - or help you be more intentional with your dreams, please DM me! 

All love,


P.S. the pink pic was shot by my dear friend Ingrid. Follow her for like, cute stuff.