I'm a HUGE comic book geek. I love superhero comics, TV shows, video games, movies, you name it. The X-Men Universe is by far my favorite, and one of my fave X-Men is definitely Nightcrawler. Homie has the ability to teleport virtually anywhere; since I always want to visit new places, having that power would be clutch. Nightcrawler also has fuzzy blue fur - definitely a trendsetter.

This week I teleported on my friend's rooftop in my fuzzy blue valor sweatshirt. The watch in this post is from my friends at Jord. Their watches are made of all natural wood, and are perfect for both formal and causal wear. I'm sporting an ebony and gold watch from their Frankie series - check it out here.  I'm really digging the classic minimalist look of the watch, and the contrast of the dark ebony wood against the gold accents on the face.

Jord is hosting a giveaway until 11/13! Everyone who enters the contest here, will automatically win a $20 gift card to go toward your own Jord watch. One very special person will win a $75 gift card to use toward a watch. Peep the pics below, enter the contest, and holler if you're a big super hero buff. 


Shoutout to my girl Maddie from Chunky and Funky for helping with the pics. See all her coolness on Insta. Enter the Jord watch giveaway here. 

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