How to Move to New York

When I considered moving to New York, at first it seemed impossible. I struggled with the idea of moving to "the biggest city in the country" for weeks. Then I realized moving to NYC isn't impossible because so many people have done it before me. So, I sat down in a coffee shop (with a donut beside me) and planned how I would make this move happen. 


Before moving to NYC, I knew finding a job was the first step. Luckily, my agency allowed me to relocate, but, had they not, I would've gone job hunting. Living in New York is hella expensive (even more $ than Chicago!) so those direct deposits gotta be coming through. 


Anyone will tell you, the hardest part about moving to New York (especially from another state) is looking for a good apartment. The real estate market here is challenging, and landlords only care about how much money you make. Generally, landlords want your salary/income to be 40x the rent - if your rent is $1,500/month you need to prove you're bringing in $60k annually. 

Since I was apartment hunting from Chicago, I had to get crafty on how I found a place without getting scammed. I looked for apartments on sites like RadPad, Zillow, Listings Project, and Craigslist, then curated all my finds in an excel workbook. After I gathered my top apartments I had to be honest with myself on what I could afford. In New York there's a balance between having a good apartment location and having a livable space - the struggle is being right in the middle of the scale. Once I chose which apartments I liked, I called the agents to get more details about the apartment because sometimes listings are fraudulent. A lot of agents will post listings for one apartment, but with pictures from another (cuter) unit in the building #scammers. 

AFTER all that damn mess I hit up a couple of my friends in the city to view the apartment IRL. If you don't have friends that can view apartments for you, agents are usually down with FaceTime. Typically landlords ask for 2-3 months of rent upfront (first, last, and security) in addition to proof of income, proof of residency, and 3 blood samples (kidding but it's getting there soon). 


I got really scrappy with the moving process because after paying for the apartment, I only had money left for a U-Haul and some Doritos. I went through all of my things and donated A LOT. To pack I got a lot of recycled boxes from U-Haul. Through bribery of pizza & wine, my friends helped me load the moving truck. My friend and I drove that damn truck from Chicago to New York (a total of 16 hours) and only stopped to pee and get coffee. GUYS me driving a moving truck through Manhattan was SO MESSY!

Although it's definitely a process, moving to New York is 100% doable, and so worth all the stress. I consider moving to New York my biggest life accomplishment thus far (srry college). 

If you're scared/nervous/have questions about moving to New York, feel free to DM me.