King Kirby

Without a doubt, Kirby is the MVP of Super Smash Bros. My cousin and I used to play Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64 for hours every weekend. When it came down to character selection we always fought over who got to be Kirby; choosing Kirby was an automatic win. Kirby also has this special attack where he flies up, then turns into a big box, and gets you with a headshot - an instant K.O.  Kirby can also absorb any character's special abilities (Kirby + Pikachu = mega-unstoppable). My roommates and I are currently looking for the purple translucent N64 for game night - little do they know I will always call dibs on King Kirby. Always. 

Kirby inspired the pink look. So did Blac Chyna & Paper Magazine. So did Urban Outfitters with their recent mega sale. Basically, there's a lot of pink going around and I'm digging it. Peep through the pics and lmk if you wanna come battle on the N64. 

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