Keep it Real

Getting out of bed was tough this morning- so tough I had to bribe myself with a donut. A blueberry old fashioned donut to be specific. Weekends come and go in the blink of an eye, which is why you have to keep it real 100% of the time. Here's how I keep it real during the weekend (caution, lots of flowers and donut talk). 

Eat A Lot

As a young prophet once said, "calories don't count on the weekend." Okay, so maybe the young prophet is me, but you worked hard all week so why wouldn't you go for that donut? The ideal weekend for me has to be filled with fried chicken, donuts, chipotle, and iced coffee. Sometimes I eat flowers to keep my Chipotle farts smelling #fresh. 

TV & Chill

My Apple TV is my BFF during the weekend. Lately I've been into Friends (shocker), Mad Men, Portlandia, DOPE, and Law & Order. My fuzzy blanket, warm socks, and donuts are definitely Tv & Chill essentials. 

Chill Out by Yourself

Light a candle, read a magazine, grab a cup of coffee, and just chill out . I dedicate an hour in the morning and an hour at night to gather my life and plan for the day ahead. I find that planning & recapping my day helps me see my goals a lot clearer, and plan how many donuts I should eat tomorrow. 

Buy Yourself Flowers

Celebrate Spring by getting some fresh flowers (flash to Zayn's song Flower here). When you're buying flowers in the store strangers think you're buying them for someone because you're a sweet person. Joke is on them because they're really for you. HA Gottem. 

Have a great week full of donuts and remember to always keep it real, especially on the weekends.