Friends is one of my top 5 favorite shows. I think I love the show so much because despite their very unique individual journeys, Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Joey remained the best of friends. Friends is also one of the ultimate time stamps of the '90's. Growing up, I always wanted to be on Friends. Through my teens and into adulthood I still look at their dynamic and scream #goals. 

This year I'm changing my blog visuals. I want to fuse my interests in fashion, pop-culture, and throwbacks to create vibrant animations. I've been craving to dive back into the realm of graphic design (since high school), so why not now? For this post I wanted to transport myself in my favorite scenes from the show and bring neon vibrations (v. Miami neon sign inspired).   

Every iconic home needs an iconic candle - right?

Every iconic home needs an iconic candle - right?

I'm so hype for this new art direction. Peep my Instagram if you want to see more animation goodies. Peep my Twitter if you want to watch me talk shit. 

I'll be there for you. 

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