Wow, I actually made it to New York. The move to the city was pretty hectic (future blog post), but it was all worth it.  A little over a year ago I visited NYC to hang with some friends (don't judge the old hair), and now I can call myself a resident. To answer some of your Instagram DMs: I rest these bleached curls in Brooklyn, so naturally (unlike my hair color), my first New York post had to be in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Oh, and there aren't actually flying elephants here (big disappointment tbh).


  • Blazer: I grabbed this dope/affordable velvet paisley blazer from ASOS and I am excited to WEAR THE FUCK out if it. You'll probably catch me grocery shopping in it #NoShame.
  • Pants: These are called "lunchbag pants". They have a singed high-waist and a cloth belt situation which make them super comfy.
  • Shoes: V. cheap Millennial pink shoes from Asos. Pretty basic, but good for exploring the city.

I'm supa dupa excited for all the new adventures to come in New York. If you're a NYC based blogger/photographer/donut-babe and want to collab: HOLLA!

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