Pastel Party

Spring is springing and Chicago peeps are so hype about it. Spring means no more heavy coats, clunky snow boots, or ice in your eyes. Last week I looked through my closet in hopes of finding some good spring pieces but I came up short. Six months ago I donated 80% of my closet when I moved to Chicago, leaving a big space for opportunity in my wardrobe. This weekend I went thrifting for some cool spring pieces- I was inspired by the Pantone color movement, and specifically, Angelica Dass' Pantone project. Thrifting is all about the hunt for a solid good article of clothing, that diamond in the rough. Donating your clothes & thrifting for new pieces is a great way to keep your style fresh & updated while helping someone else's closet. Truth be told I've never owned a bright pink shirt so when I found this baby I knew I just HAD to go for it. Check out how I styled my new $4 best friend 👇 

This week I challenge you to take an adventure to a thrift shop in your city to see what spring/summer items you can find for under $5.

Side note: my roomie & I are thinking of painting our apartment a light pastel color- send me suggestions! 

*Shoutout to EJ who got these shots on my Fujifilm X-T10.