Word of the Week: Pizzatine 🍕

Put ya hands in the ayer if you love pizza and just don't cayer 🙋

Valentine's Day is coming up, but my friends and I are going to be celebrating a new holiday (!): Pizzatine's Day. That's right, a day full of delicious, saucy, warm good good. We're going to be celebrating all types of pizza, because all pizza should be loved equally. 

Pizzatine (n): A person (or group of people) you share a bunch of pizza with because pizza is a pizza your heart.  

This year I'm getting as many Pizzatine pals as possible because more Pizzatines = more pizza thyme. Let your Pizzatine know how cheesy you are by getting them a deep dish, or three. If you're feelin' extra saucy on Sunday you can VHS and chill with your Pizzatine, but that's risky business.