Food is Fashion

Do you ever wake up craving a donut? So do I.

This week I had two missions.

1. Pick up a new cardigan.  

2. Get a cardigan that matches a donut. 

I picked up this Oxford Lads cardigan from Urban a couple of weeks ago and I can't stop wearing it. Every time I wear it I tell myself I need to get the matching donut. New trend alert: donuts are the new, bold fashion accessories. You heard it here first. 

First thought of the day: Where's the closest donut shop?

When you contemplate not getting a dozen donuts for yourself because you're trying to "eat better". 

When you slide in that donut shop anyway because donuts = happiness. 

When you and bae have a photoshoot. What. A. Cutie. 

When your donut got you feelin' some typa way. 

When you can take on the world because you just had way too many donuts and you feel fueled up. 

When you find donut icing on your hand hours later and you remember the good times you shared with bae.

Now go get a donut that matches your outfit and hit the streets in style. 

Peace, love, and donut icing. 

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