Keys to the Kia 🔑

This week I was invited by my friends from Kia to check out their new cars, and one of their brand new models: the Kia Niro. Not only does the Niro have a wicked cool name, it also has some wicked cool features. I was excited to partner with Kia because they make strides as a company to be socially responsible through initiatives like their Green Light Project, Green Tour, and the engineering enhancements in their new vehicles. Eighteen pounds of their new car's interior is made of sugar cane and corn based materials- how cool is that?! Peep below for one of the first looks at the Kia Niro, and some of their other cool cars 👇. 

The first car we looked at was the new 2017 Kia Sportage. I'm not sure what I love more about this car: the fact that we were matching, or the trunk can fit my booty and groceries- talk about storage space! 

Me: "Squad, hop in! We're getting donuts. And pizza. And cookies. And everything else because this car has room for ALL THE SNACKS!"

After I spent 20 minutes with the Sportage because it's #BaeGoals, I attended the Kia panel. I got to ask Kia execs questions about their new car lines, and how they plan to further enhance the driving experience for youngin's like us. 

These guys really blew us away with the unveiling of the Niro. I still can't believe that the Niro can get an estimated 50MPG- so much leftover money for food! They also have an awesome 10 year/100K mile warranty on all their vehicles to ensure all drivers are happy & safe on the road.  And for my music loving friends: leave the AUX cord at home. The Niro has Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, because like Meghan Trainor, Kia is all about that bass. 

I love how Kia made the Niro a crossover-style vehicle. This car is beautiful- especially for peeps who don't want to rock the soccer mom hybrid car look. 

The back of this car is giving me some serious "Need for Speed" vibes. If the video game had this car when I was younger I would definitely pick it- mostly because it's red and we all know red = faster. 

After the panel Kia gifted the fam with some swag. Better believe I got in Formation and put some hot sauce in my bag. Swag. 

Millennials grew up as the " environmentally conscious" generation. As kids we knew the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle" better than our home phone number. We know that global warming is very real, and we demand sustainable products from companies. We want companies to care about the impact their goods have on the world, and Kia definitely cares. 

I want to thank my friends at Kia Motors for sharing such a special moment with me. It's so refreshing when companies make great efforts to reduce pollution and make the world a better place for us all to twerk in. Kia is the real MVP 🏆. 

*This post was sponsored by Kia Motors America. All views and opinions are my own.