Explore Optimism

Everywhere you look,

Everywhere you go

There's a heart

A hand to hold onto.

Everywhere you look,

Everywhere you go

There's a place,

Of Somebody who needs you.

I am so excited for the Fuller House premiere next month- maybe too excited. Netflix just released a bunch of promo videos for their new spin-off and I was hit with instant nostalgia. I think I’ve probably seen every episode of Full House- maybe even twice. The Tanners had a pretty picture-perfect life. The show provided an innocent and optimistic take on life, which is why I liked it so much growing up. Along with the new year comes an opportunity for a fresh start and a new mindset. It’s essential to maintain a sense of optimism in order for you to reach your goals for the new year. Even the worst pessimist is capable of having an optimistic Millennial Mentality.


Flexing those grills actually make you feel happier. Smile back when a stranger smiles at you. Smile when someone opens the door for you (and say “thanks” obvi). Smile because you know that life is beautiful.


I laugh a lot- way too much sometimes. I also have the most obnoxious laugh, but I don’t care. Laugh at your friend’s jokes- even if they’re corny. Most times I'm laughing at myself. A few days ago I tripped in the middle of downtown and EVERYONE saw, even the rats. That was the hardest I had laughed in a long time because I imagined how ridiculous I must have looked to the super important suit-and-tie busybody professionals of the city. More people looked at me when I started laughing at myself, but I didn’t care. I also genuinely laugh when someone tries my life (which happens on the daily, b-t-dubbs). Finding humor in the silly and most ridiculous things life throws your way helps to keep you sane.

Be Friendly

Before you judge and yell “stranger danger”, hear me out. A couple of months ago my friends and I went to the club and we saw this lady that looked really lonely and upset. We invited her to dance with us and hang out with the crew and she had a blast! After hours of having an amazing time we asked what her name was and she said “Auntie Pumpkin”. It was also October. In that moment I imagined me and my friends with Auntie Pumpkin at Starbucks ordering a PSL. I laughed so hard I had to walk away from her. At the end of the night this lady looked so happy I know we made her night (she made ours, too). I believe that friendships and opportunities come from the oddest of places and keeping an optimistic mindset doesn’t hinder you from meeting some amazing people. Be nice to everyone and never be an asshole. If you see someone is having a bad day, try to cheer them up. 

Find Your Light

Once you feel inspired, you have a warmer outlook on life and that creates optimism. Find people, books, places, and things that inspire you. Personally I love reading my friend’s blogs (@Love_Jomy, @JustinLiv , @TheFatGirlofFashion) because they embody style and creativity in such unique ways.  I also love exploring new places in the city. Urban architecture is great to draw inspiration from because buildings tell stories. I think to myself: what was the city like when this was built? How many people are in that building, and what do they do in there?  What stories do they have, and what did they have to go through to get a job in that skyscraper? I explored the city for a bit last weekend and my friend found this open parking garage, so naturally we went to the skydeck. Check out the foolishness below!


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