Ask & You Shall Receive

Welcome back friends. 

This week I took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you guys can ask me all of your amazing questions. Think we can do 10 questions in 10 minutes? We totally got this!

Q: Who's your number one friend?

     Probably my bestie Direct Deposit- she always has my back. HA! But on the real, my mom.        Totally a momma's boy 4 life. She also makes great homemade bread and that's a major 🔑

Q: What's the best thing you ever found on the street?


Q: Do you like Chicago more, or Orlando, Florida?

     This is tough. Orlando was a place where I learned a lot about myself, did some great things (like working at Harry Potter World), and made lifelong friends. Chicago has been a platform for me to start my career and grow into my passions. I don't think I can choose which one I like better, but I damn sure miss Butterbeer. 

Q: Do you really like Iggy or are you playing games?

     BAHAHA. Here's the deal: I like a few of Iggy's songs but I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore fan. I don't like a lot of things that she says or does- but that goes for almost every celeb that has Twitter. I mean "no money no family, sixteen in the middle of Miami" will ALWAYS be a thing. 

Q: Fashion icons?

         👕 👖 👔👞🎩💼 👓

Q: Favorite piece in your closet?

     My thrifted clothes are definitely my favorite children. $5 for a Ralph Lauren button-up?          Count. Me. In. 

Q: Why did you start blogging?

      I started Millennial Mentality at a time when I didn't really know where my life was going,         and this was the one thing that I could have and control. This has grown into something so       much bigger than I had originally envisioned. Thank you to everyone who not only reads,           but sends me messages on Twitter and Instagram- you're the real MVPs. 

Q: What's your signature pose?

     To be honest, I don't really have a signature "pose". I usually just goof around and see what      happens. 

Q: Step by step, what does a photoshoot consist for you?

     Well, first I call my super famous, high-end, luxury, expensive, pricey, premium                   photographer friends with my idea. Then we scout a location and I literally just act a fool. I climb on fire hydrants, crawl on the floor, and jump around. I don't take myself too seriously. 

Q: Do you have pets? 

     #Goals. I want a dog so bad but I'm allergic to pet dander and I live in an apartment so I'd need a small dog. I have really bad luck with fish, and we always end up in this situation. Tragic. 

Thanks for all of your questions! In the coming weeks I'll be interviewing other style bloggers and posting all of their business on Millennial Mentality. If you'd like to be featured, hit me up! 

Peace, love, and pizza.