Word of the Week: BaeGotchi

Okay fine you caught me- I totally made this word up. I feel like it needed to be made. 

So, what's a BaeGotchi anyway? In short, it's a fusion of "bae" and "tamagotchi". Do you have that one person who likes all your pictures, Tweets, and status updates? Who frequently comments on your posts and occasionally slides in your DMs? That's your BaeGotchi. That's your internet bae you don't really have to take care of; you carry them in your pocket (phone) wherever you go. BaeGotchis are very low maintenance and should not be stressed over. #TeamNoStress. 

The next time your friend asks "why're you always on your phone?" or "why are you always on Twitter" you can say "I'm talking to my BaeGotchi." 

This week let your internet bae know they're your BaeGotchi. Assure them that you can have many BaeGotchis, and people's DMs are meant for sliding in. 

Have a great week peeps!