Word of the Week: Extra

"Can I have soy milk in my latte please?" ☕️

"Would I be able to get an extra side of ketchup?" 💁

Yup, those are all situations where you can be extra. Being extra isn't necessarily a bad thing- you're just over the top. Top of the cake. You're the cake topper. Show Stopper. However, there is an invisible line (I like to cross) that makes you too extra. In these situations you'll hear people in the back of the line whispering "ooo that's so extra" and "that kid is SO extra." If your friends are real they'll snatch you up in those moments and say "stop bein' so extra" and "why are you so extra right now?" Those are your real friends- keep them.  

Moral of the story: be a little extra. You never want to be the "can I have a triple shot, soy, no foam, add whip, upside down, twirl around, doo-doo brown, Harlem Shake, hazelnut latte." It'll end up on YouTube and your friends will unfriend you. 

Have a great week guys! 🖖

P.S. Plz don't ever order a doo-doo brown latte. Trust me.