Morning Routine

It's Friday, 


Gotta get down on Friday! 

Where's Rebecca Black now?

Do you think she sings her "single" every Friday?

Fridays are great: payday, you can taste the weekend, and diets don't matter. Although Friday is great, mornings can be hard for some peeps. Over time I've grown to be a morning person by giving myself something to look forward to in the A.M. Most days I'm excited for a good cup of coffee, breakfast, and to get my morning dose of inspiration. Here's what I'm up to in the morning, and how I get ready to take on the day ahead. 

6:00 - Wake up, Drank

edited bed.jpg

First thing in the morning I like to wipe the pizza crust out of my eyes and put on my supa soft Nautica robe (I just became a "robe person" btw). The walk to the kitchen to make coffee seems like the longest trek ever, but so worth it. After I make myself a cup of golden patience I hop back into bed. The Skimm is usually the first thing I read in the morning. It’s really nice to have a bit of time to yourself in the morning before the daily grind. 

7:00 - Get Ready for the Day

In the morning I use R&B for my hair- it helps it not be so Hermione Granger frizzy. Since I have oily/combo skin I like using Lush's Enzymion. I also use the "Go Green" balm for spot irritations and extra dry skin areas. Winter is rough people, don't let your skin be. Unless you're into that kinda stuff. 


A little bit of R&B goes a looooong way! I've had the same tub for 6 months and it's still half full. 

I spend all of 3 minutes on my hair in the morning. Instead of spending a bunch of time on my hair I'd rather see how many donuts I can fit in my mouth at once. 

Now's time to put on clothes,  freshen up this stank mouth, and get it in gear. 

7:30 - Leave the house

My place is about 10 minutes away from the train. In the fall it felt like 5, but in the winter it feels like 20.  

I heard that if you give the wind an attitude it will stop hitting you. The theory hasn't worked for me yet- I'll keep you guys posted. 

Before I get on the train I obviously have to act like a fool. 


Have any super-cool things you do in the morning? Let me know in the comments! 

See ya Monday peeps. 

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