Word of the Week: Tried

Raise your hand if you've ever been tried before?🙋🏽(x one million)

The word takes many forms: 

"Oooh he/she/they/it tried it." 

"I feel like they tried me."

"You just tried my life." 

Most of us get tried on a daily basis- by strangers, the train, and even the pizza delivery guy. But why do people try us? The answer is simple: because they're bored. Completely bored out of their minds. I mean, even the train gets bored of boarding passengers stop after stop on the same track everyday. So if the train door ever closes in your face, or the barista tells you "pumpkin spice is no longer in season" (damn shame), don't get mad. Instead, close your eyes and say "not today Satan" three times. Then you're good! It's that simple. 

Hope you all have a fun-nominal week and none of you get tried.  ✌️🏽