Stylish & Proud

"You and me will always be tight
Family every single day and night
Even when you start acting like a fool
You know I'm loving every single thing you do. 

     I know that I can always be myself
     Around you more than anybody else
     And everyday as I'm heading off to school
     You know there's no one I love as much as you."

The. Proud. Family. WHAT?

While in New York I met the beautiful Stylish Sista and she is even more stylish & cute in person as she is on her blog. Together we are like Dijonay and Sticky from The Proud Family...only without the Alfalfa-ish hairstyle and saggy jeans. We would never rock that. Never! 

Why are we Dijonay & Sticky irl (in real life) you ask? I'll give you reasons. Five of 'em. 

  1. Stylish Sista's got moves! We went to the club together and when I Wanna Dance with Somebody by ya girl Whitney came on she was totally owning it. 

2. Of course I had to throw down too, and we both looked a little something like this. So in sync. So harmonized. So missing our Penny Proud. 

3. We just go together like Dijonay & Sticky.

4. Both Sticky and I give "that look."

5. Stylish Sista & Dijonay both have that lean-up-against-the-wall-chic look to them.

Here's an extra reason: remember how people would call for Dijonay? It wasn't just "Dijonay."  It was all "D I J O N A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y!!" I do the same for Stylish Sista. It's not "Stylish Sista." It's more like  "S T Y L I S H    S I S T A A A A H!!" 

We both had so much fun doing this collab! Be sure to jump over to Stylish Sista's blog to check out the other part of our blog duo. 

Always be Stylish & Proud, 

       Stylish Sista x Millennial Mentality