You Got it Dude!

Wake up San Francisco! 

"I'm Danny Tanner."

     "And I'm Rebecca Donaldson."

I just needed that moment. Fuller House is officially in production and I am so happy I could give up Chipotle for a month and still be happy. 

    ooookay maybe I am getting ahead of myself. I am not that happy. Chipotle is, after all, the bae of all baes in bae-land. AM I RIGHT?!


Wait, but if you're going to bae-land on the hunt for potential bae (aka Chipotle), you're going to need to arrive in ~s t y l e~ . Those burrito bowls are picky, ya know? They have standards. They won't just go with anyone. Lucky for you I made a list of style necessities for your next bae-land trip. You can thank me later. Or now. Preferably now. 

  •  A shirt that says you're cool and ready to get messy. 
  • Denim bottoms that say you're up for the 10 burritos in 10 minutes challenge. 
  • Really, really cool socks. Them babies need to be like Cheetos- flamin' hot! They also need to be stretchy just incase the cankles wanna come out to play. 
  • A pair of kicks that won't give you bae-land blisters.

Recently I collaborated with PF Flyers to show how I champion the uncommon American style.  I chose to collaborate with PF Flyers because they're not your ordinary brand, and these shoes are not something I would typically keep in my wardrobe. The style I chose are "Center Hi Mono" in the chipmunk color. Highlight your unique style and #UnfollowTheCrowd with a pair of these baddies. I mean, how else are you going to walk around bae-land? 

Peep how I styled my PF Flyers. 

And in the words of Michelle Tanner, "don't worry, be happy!"

                             Millennial Mentality.