Donut Pass on Stan's!

Have you ever eaten something and saw the light?

Have you ever shed a tear after a sweet, sweet bite?

Yes, I have and it was at Stan's Donut Shop! In the midst of an afternoon adventure, one of my friends said they could go for a donut (of course I dragged my feet because I only eat healthy food HAH). 

 When I strolled in the atmosphere was pretty relaxed (until ya boy went crazy over the donuts). At first I was just going to sit this one out and wait for my friend at the counter, but the smell was too good to pass up. 


I got the psychedelic glazed donut because it looks out of this world...Actually, I got it because it matched the shirt I just bought. 

That donut was so soft, gooey, and delicious (just like me)- I wanted to be a hero & buy six dozen. Sadly that didn't happen. I mean how would I look carrying all those psychedelic donuts home? I'll tell you how: fricken' amazingly cool. 

I highly recommend anyone in the Chicago area to check this place out because it's the bomb diggity. I wish I could liquify these godly creations and sip on them all day. Is that weird? Didn't think so. 

Have an amazing day all you baes.