FitBit Lovin'

Hey Guys! 

Last week I bought a Fitbit flex and I am in LURVE with it, so I wanted to share how amazing it is with you all. 

One of my co-workers actually introduced Fitbit to me; she told me she was buying it for her boyfriend's upcoming birthday. I've heard about the product briefly before, but she basically sold it to me. After hearing about how cool Fitbit is, my other co-worker Lindsay and I decided we would be "Fitbit Buddies" and get them together- the idea behind this was to motivate each other. We decided we would go to Best Buy and get them together- the rest was history. 

After the first couple of days I was unsure if I wanted to keep the product or return it because: 

A. It was pricey ($102.00 after tax) 

B. I realized what a sedentary lifestyle I had which made me feel guilty LOL 

Initially the program starts you off with a goal to walk 10,000 steps/day, and the first couple of days I only walked about 3,000! It was after actually looking at these numbers I realized I really did need to move around more often to avoid health risks. I decided I would go out of my way to do some kind of walking or exercise every day. Most days I don't feel like working out (what a surprise) so I walk around a park or a mall like 3 times. 

The Fitbit also tells you how many calories you burn in a day, the quality of sleep you get at night, and the distance walked in a day. 


This is how the application looks on your mobile device. In essence, this is your home base where everything is stored and recorded. The user interface of the application is really awesome and so easy to use. The application even allows you to analyze what you did per hour with an easy-to-read chart! 

All in all I love this product, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in their physical health and wants to improve their overall wellbeing. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram or Twitter (@Justinn_Parker) or leave a comment below. 

Until next time, 

Justin Parker