Treat Yo Self

You went through a lot in 2015. Kanye released a clothing line and announced he's running for Prez. Frank Ocean is still M.I.A. Chipotle caught E. coli. Adele made you cry with Hello. It's time to treat yo self to something (or 5 somethings) nice. You work hard. You're a go-getter. Baller. Shot caller. 

Ok. I'm done.

But seriously, treat yourself. If you haven't started your list for Santa yet, check out this holiday gift guide to get started! Or just send this post to Santa. Either way, you're should make his hotline bling. 

1. A Planner

We could all be a little more organized, right? A planner is a great tool to keep yourself organized and will help you achieve those New Year's resolutions. I may or may not write "eat more donuts" in my 2016 Passion Planner. 

2. A Solid Pair of Kicks

Solid shoes are a must! Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have your shoe break when you're twerking in the club. Not cool. Not a way to pick up baes. These Dr. Martens may be my favorite pair of kicks this year. Check out these cool Arcadia 1460's! 

3. Rechargable Phone Case

Has your phone ever shut off mid-selfie shoot? Devastating! Mophie has THE BEST selection of cases that keep my phone alive all day. If you're the type of person that's out all day, this is the phone case for you

4. Durable Denim

Although they can get pricey, a good pair of jeans can last a couple of years, easily. Levi's is known for their well constructed denim and stylish options which makes them a holiday must-have. Go pick out a style & wash that you'll have for years to come!

5. Good Coffee

Santa & Starbucks go hand-in-hand. Actually, Starbucks and anything go hand-in-hand. Grab a Starbucks gift card and always have your soulmate in the palm of your hand. 

Espresso Patronum!