New Year, Same You

It's almost The Year 3000.

 We're almost livin' underwater.

And our great, great, great granddaughters are doing fine. 


2007 was the year of the Jo' Bros, and 9 years later it's still their year- except for Kevin I guess. Poor Kev'. 2015 has flown by, and with the new year approaching it's about time to set new goals. Before you start creating your vision boards, here's how you should dream of the year ahead. 

Get Turnt

Before you start thinking of new goals, it's important to celebrate everything you've achieved. Reflect on the year and jot down everything you're proud of. People don't always recognize your achievements so it's important that you do. 

You're King of Pride Rock


It's completely unrealistic to say "I want to change X, Y, Z in 2016." Take a more constructive approach and build on good habits and skills that you already have. For example, one of my goals is to utilize the network I've built to help develop my career. Look at the resources you have, and use them to help you build your empire. After all, Simba couldn't have done it without Timon & Pumbaa (why does Pumbaa have two "a's"? So extra.)  

Is It Worth It? Let Yourself Work It. 

After you've thought of your big goals for 2016, evaluate if they're worth the time and effort. Visualize your ultimate self, and choose the goals that will help you reach your final form. You only have 365 days, so use them wisely. Oh, and listen to Missy Elliot. Always listen to Missy. 

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Lizzie McGuire & Gordo's relationship. Gordo had to be her go-to "best guy friend" before he won Lizzie's heart in Rome. If you try your best most days, you'll reach your goals and be in a much better place than when you started your journey.

I want to thank everyone for all the love Millennial Mentality has received in such a short amount of time. If it weren't for you beautiful people, I would be writing for myself (and my mom probably). 

Good luck setting your goals and I'll see you baes in 2016!  

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