Holiday Movies & Chill

'Twas the Week of Christmas

And all through the apartment, 

Not a creature was stirring, 

Not even a roach. *fingers crossed* 

I mean, who needs the extra mouths to feed on Christmas, right? Bless. 

Can you believe Christmas is this week?! I guess I should start my Christmas shopping (Mom if you're reading this I gotchu don't worry). There are so many great Christmas movies, but we all know it's the homies in them that make them iconic.  To get in the holiday spirit, check out this list of classic holiday icons. Grab your popcorn, your snuggies, and your VCRs and pop one of these baddies in this week. 

 A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story.gif

Ralphie had a goal, and made it happen. I mean, sure he had to wear a pink bunny suit, but that's besides the point. He got his Red Ryder BB Gun. What a trailblazer for kids everywhere. 

Home Alone

Kevin isn't afraid to ask life's important questions. 

He also knew how to destroy and taunt his haters in style. Every. Kid's. Dream. 

The Santa Clause

I wanted to be Charlie so bad as a kid. Actually, I still do. A grown-up tried to tell him he didn't know what he was talking about, and he immediately shut that shit down like a B0$$. Try again, Neil. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas




Because honestly this is me Monday mornings. I can relate to the Grinch more than I can to most people. 

Jingle All The Way

Arnold, Turbo Man, and Sinbad?! How can this not be on the list?

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

We've all been Kevin in this exact moment. That moment when your Uber driver swerves in other lanes- no warning. That moment you send an email to the wrong person. That moment you get an iMessage from some rando. This reaction is basically me everyday. 

Comment below if I missed one of your faves. 

Happy Holidays peeps!