Snow Day

Friends, it finally happened. Last week it snowed in Chicago and I'm pretty sure I was the only one excited about it. Actually, I am definitely sure I was the only one excited about the snow. As soon as it started snowing I snatched my roommate and we danced outside to Frozen's Let it Go. Yes, I spun around & sang Frozen in public. No, I didn't sound like Idina Menzel. I went for a more raspy Olaf sound because, let's face it, Olaf is the real MVP. That night we watched Frozen (again) and I realized I want to be Olaf in real life.  We could all learn a thing or five from Olaf: 

Olaf is wise beyond his years

He's got the moves like Jagger.


He always helps his drunk friends. 

He's knows how to handle a Monday. 


He enjoys & shares the finer things in life. 

Olaf is great. A pop-culture icon. Legendary. Last week I wanted to make my own Olaf. I'll admit it was pretty cold outside, but if you dress appropriately you're golden. Check out how I stayed warm for Chicago's first snow & how you can get the look below! 

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*Shout out to the homie Alan who took these shots. Follow him on Instagram for more goodies.