Happy Feet

Happiness. Everyone deserves it but some don't know how to find it. Or, in some cases, keep it. Whether you're a young, feet tappin' penguin, a chillin' penguin, or a penguin just trying to survive the 9 to 5, you can find your happy. Here's how I've managed to keep a positive state of mind and how you can be happy, too. 

Be Honest With Yourself

This is major. Being honest with yourself is the first step to finding your happiness. If you hate your job, quit. Not crazy about the person you're dating? Break up. Forcing yourself to stay in any situation in which you feel unsatisfied will only cause more stress and cause you to become pessimistic. Let go what doesn't help ya grow, ya know?

Always Be Kind

Kindness is key. When you're nice to other people, you're nicer to yourself. Each day I try to compliment three different people because you never really know what they're going through, and how much your words can change their attitude. One of my professors had a key rule printed in bold on her syllabus that I'll never forget: "don't be an asshole." Once you spread kindness, peace, and positivity to others it's sure to come back your way. 


Work can be a lot- too much at times. Allowing yourself to unwind is key to keeping your sanity and maintaining a positive mentality. For example, every Sunday I have a classic movie night with my roommate and friends- last week was Aladdin (we refuse to grow up).  I also like going to new coffee shops to sit, drink, and think. No internet, no texting, just me and my bougie $4 latte. 

Reward Yourself

Treat yo self- literally. I find any excuse to spoil myself, and you should too. Yesterday I completed a project at work so I obviously NEEDED a cake donut. I find that rewarding myself for accomplishments both big and small make me happy. I mean, who doesn't like nice things, right?

Get Dressed & Get Out

Getting dressed can be SUCH as struggle. Some days I just want to watch movies in my onesie but I've found I'm happiest spending time out of the house. Explore your city and find activities you enjoy doing. Whether it's going to the movies, playing a team sport with friends, going for a hike, shopping, or going to a play, finding activities you enjoy will create a positive attitude. Last week I explored the city in my Toms Searcher Boots. These baddies make my feet happy and explorin' Chi-Town a breeze. A breeze. Because it's fall. Get it? I'm so funny and relatable. 

*Shoutout to my uber talented friend Alan who captured these awesome shots last week. Follow him on The 'Gram because he does it for The 'Gram all day, erry day.