Maintaining The Hustle

"All these people on the planet
Working 9 to 5, just to stay alive
The 9 to 5, just to stay alive
The 9 to 5, just to stay alive

 Working 9 to 5 just to stay alive

How come?" 

Because Beyonce, we have bills. Not all of us can be international pop sensations, okay?! 

Being on your Olivia Pope A-Game all the time can weigh a person down- especially when they live a busy life. Working, going to school, having a social life, or any combination of the three can be challenging to juggle. The key to not losing your shit is to keep your shit together. Maintaining the hustle isn't always easy- here are some tips to help you get started: 

1. Keep Yourself Organized


Organization is the key to efficiency and being the ultimate baller. Recently I picked up a planner from Passion Planner and it has been my best friend ever since- sorry Giselle. This ultimate baddie helps me keep track of what I have going on in the day, week, and month. This planner helps you focus on your goals and work every day to get one step closer to them. For example, one of my goals is to visit Europe next year- every day I am reminded to practice money savvy habits to reach my goal of saving $5K for the trip. 

2. Budget Your Life

Last week I made an actual budget and it was the most frightening thing of my life. Through my budget I was able to see where money was coming in, where it was being spent the most, and how much I need to save up for Europe. It took me all of an hour to set this up in Excel, and although it was a scary adult thing (I hate adult things) it was a necessary evil. 

Not only should you budget your money, but you should also budget your time. After I get settled into work, I find 5 videos/ trashy articles that I really really want to watch or read. Then, I see what tasks I have for the day and try to divvy them up into 60-90 minute blocks. After I finish one block of work, I'll read that  BuzzFeed article of "The Kardashians: Before and After Plastic Surgery." I've found that scheduling distractions helps motivate me to get through my tasks- especially the tedious ones. 

3. Invest In Yourself  

Venture outside of your comfort zone and find opportunities to learn, meet new people, and have a great time. Recently I attended an Instagram seminar at the SoHo House and it was amazing. Taking classes that interest you can not only enhance your skills, but make your more marketable as an individual. 

4. Sharp Style


Style is subjective and everyone has a unique perspective on how their style should be and luckily I work at a place that encourages unique style and creativity. Always wear clothes that you feel confident and comfortable in. If you wear something that's uncomfortable and irritating it will distract from your work and the overall hustle.

5. Disconnect

Once a month I set aside a day to unplug from the world to reflect, relax, and review the past month- the good, the bad, and the tasty.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Starved Rock State Park and it was my first time exploring canyons! Taking time away from the business of the city and the demands of work is truly key to living a balanced life and prevent yourself from getting burnt out. 

I hope these tips help you to live a more balanced lifestyle and maintain your hustle. Have an amazing week Millennials! 

*I want to give a special "you rock my socks" to my friends at Forever 21 and Zipcar who helped me maintain my hustle this month. You're the real MVPs!  

This post was sponsored by ZIPCAR and the #WhatMakesMeFree campaign.