Up and Out

Hi friends!

Life has been pretty crazy lately. I mean not Uzo Aduba Crazy Eyes Crazy, just Beyonce Crazy in Love crazy. Last month I permanently moved to Chicago and it's been the busiest month of my life to date (P.S. date me). I packed up my tiny Mazda 3, drove from Florida to Chicago, and haven't looked back. This is my life now and I couldn't be more excited!  I've learned a lot along the way so I thought I'd give some moving tips & tricks in case any of you are thinking of moving to a big city. 

Money Talks

Moving is expensive- very expensive. Speaking from experience, ideally I suggest having about 3-4K saved up. If you're moving to a big city, you're definitely going to need this much money. 

Pick A City

After you've collected your coins, it's time for you to pick where you want to move. I struggled A LOT with this! I had to choose between NYC and Chicago- I ultimately chose Chicago. It was hard because more of my friends were moving/thinking of moving to NYC but I chose what felt right for me at the time. Surprisingly New York City pays a lot less, too. A LOT!

Find A Pad

Looking for a place to live in a big city is stressful and whoever tells you it's not is a big fat liar. If you want a place in a nice area, it's even more stressful (but manageable). Zillow is a free online tool that makes finding a place really manageable! Most places will require AT LEAST first month's rent, a security deposit, and moving fees. What I didn't know is in most places, your security deposit is another month's rent. WOWZA! Next, find a friend that is already living in your prospective city or who wants to move there. Finding a roommate automatically cuts your rent in half! Still plan to spend over a grand for rent, though. Big City = Big Money, balla. Shot calla. Save ya dollas. Holla! 

Pack Up

Now it's time to go through everything you own, and keep a third of it. Yes, 1/3! It can be really hard to donate so much of your stuff, but just keep in mind you'll get new stuff. New is always better, right? Obviously you'll keep irreplaceable things like your high school yearbook and Toy Story lunch box, but you can let go of everything else. Once you have all your crap in a box, you can do one of a few things to get them to your new place. Drive them up (UHaul or car), mail them up (gets really costly), or cram everything into a few suitcases and swallow the airline's extra bag fees.  

Pizza Thyme

You're there! It's really huge to move away from all of your friends and family but you have  to invest in yourself and do what you feel is best. Grab a plate, slices of pizza, and sit on the floor because you're poor and have no furniture. 

Hope this helps! If you have any questions about moving or Chicago, drop a line in the comments. 

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